We're a robotics company driven to simplify
infrastructure inspection, making cities more safe
and conserving the world's limited resources.

Utilities are critical in our daily lives, yet almost no information is known about their condition or even position. One outcome of this lack of information is unintentional damage to subsurface utilities, causing over $50 billion in damages in the US and hundreds of fatal accidents globally each year. Current surveying methods to identify and assess these risks are prone to user error, slow, and expensive.

We are building mobile mapping platforms, based primarily on ground penetrating radar, to acquire very rich information about infrastructure health. We have been developing a machine learning approach to analyze large-scale, subsurface datasets 100X faster than the existing state-of-the-art geotechnical data analysis tools with greater accuracy.

Our Mission

To create a multi-scale, real-time model of the subsurface to make the world safer and more informed.

City-scale surface and subsurface models instantaneously

We're combining the power of the most advanced geospatial sensors available to give you detailed and actionable information for your next big construction project.

An expert geophysicist in the palm of your hand

We're building intelligent analysis software that makes interpreting subsurface data as simple as driving a car through a city.

Who We Are

We're a team of the best roboticists and machine learning engineers solving challenges in the subsurface perception and inspection spaces. Our roots come from the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, and we are proud to call the Steel City our home.

If you're interested in building technology to look underground, be sure to reach out to us at careers@machnine.co! We're currently hiring a full-time Android Developer and a Machine Learning Engineer.