Mapping the world,
One sensor at a time

The world's digital surveyor for engineering and construction.

Make critical decisions faster, analyze data more accurately, and operate more productively using Mach9's Digital Surveyor

Digital Surveyor turns your complex geospatial data into simple engineering models

Localization and Mapping

Achieve centimeter-level positioning even inside and in urban canyons

Computer Vision

Detect and classify features of interest without any code

Change Detection

Measure changes in geospatial sensor measurements over time

All-in-one software for building and analyzing 3D maps

Produce and analyze large-scale 3D maps with no code needed

Manage large-scale geospatial data

Easily produce and manage large-scale 3D models

Automatic and simple 3D model construction
Rapidly communicate with other project stakeholders
Securely store documents and third party information

Data interpretation simplified

Visualize and analyze data from many sensors in the same platform

Visual Cameras
Thermal Imagery
Underground Mapping / Geophysical Sensors
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)

Export and share results

Incorporate geospatial insights with your existing workflows and software

Compatible with
Bentley Systems
And many more commonly used platforms!

Geospatial information simplified

Making 3D data production and analysis available for all.

Utility Services

Automate inspection workflows and accelerate your field productivity with mobile data acquisition

Civil Engineering

Automatic feature extraction from mobile mapping datasets to produce engineering CAD and GIS models


Rapid situational awareness through production and analysis of 3D models on the edge

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